Don't Panic!

Sometimes the best way to puncture the tension and threat of complete annihilation is with a little satire. So we made the 2017 Bonfire Night must-have missile, Kim Jong-Un’s very own branded fireworks!

As the North Korean dictator gets his new product launch off the ground, he released a statement in support of this exciting new partnership:

“This 5th November, I am delighted that Don’t Panic are helping me to bring my unique brand of fiery death to you, the dishonourable imperialist dogs of the USA and United Kingdom. I send Don’t Panic my greatest appreciations for enabling you all to experience my ballistic joy explosions and create seas of hellfire in your very own gardens. Now we will see just who is the Little Rocket Man!

Many kind regards and death to the West,

Invincible and Triumphant Leader, Kim Jong-Un.”